Who they are:

Suitsupply is a men’s fashion brand founded in 2000. Suitsupply is known for choosing unconventional retail locations. They are a member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) and use fabrics sourced from the historic mills of Italy such as Vitale Barberis Canonico. Its suits are made in China.

Suitsupply was named among the best places for suits in New York City by New York Magazine and among the best new menswear stores by GQ Magazine.

Suitsupply is known for its sexy photography and ad campaigns. Carli Hermes has been shooting all the Suitsupply campaigns since 2004.

Suitsupply is the official supplier of the Dutch Olympic team. Their shops can be found worldwide.


What we do:

Colourcake is responsible for the print-management of the huge lighted billboards which hang in the shops in Asia as well as the USA. We buy, quality-check and (on some occasions) install the billboards.

The blow-ups are produced locally (China and USA) in order to save valuable time and money.

On some occasions, we are already involved before a shop opens its doors. For these shops we produce hoardings around the construction area.