4th Piece of Cake | Marketing in Fashion

4th Piece of Cake | Marketing in Fashion

Our cake obviously consists of far more pieces than the six we are telling you about. We just didn’t want to get overly attached.

The first three were about our core values, the reasons we exist and work; Personal, Rapid & Unique.

 We now want to show you who we work with and in what industries.

Let’s kick it off with the reason Colourcake was ever introduced to the world; a marketing and branding agency focussed on the Fashion industry.

Marketing in Fashion


Fashion Never Sleeps, so neither do we

The start wasn’t easy, so we couldn’t think of a better credo than this. Working for fashion labels is quite the job. The necessity of detailed perfection, being accessible 24 hours a day, worldwide, and the continuous drive of finding the best material there is, worldwide, is unique.

Hope you understand, sleeping wasn’t really a thing back then.

But, we must say, we are happy it still isn’t.

Our early years were all about working closely together with fashionistas. Every project we did was print related, meaning we supported brands in their offline presence.

From the production of fashion Look books, magazines, Newspapers to instore material such as show cards, hang tags and stickers. We were, and still are, experts in this field.

Luckily for us, it’s still quite a big thing out there.

Marketing & Fashion – a double win

In general, people in fashion;

  • Appreciate, unlike others, the detail in produced work;
  • Understand what it takes to create something from nothing;
  • Always try to discover new-to-use materials for new-to-use expressions;
  • Look pretty cool.


Coincidentally, we do to.

So, where to start off better than in an industry where you have so much in common?


During the years we expanded our services to online; content creation, graphic and web design and most relevantly; Asset Production.

Services that require exactly the same precision, dedication and creativity. As well as that it would probably generate at least the same amount of work as our offline department.

How wrong we were…

Asset Production in Fashion

Ever since we set foot in the online media of the Fashion industry, we knew it was a great choice. The industry that would become the most dependent on the growing demand for content.

Not only creation or design, but distribution too. Making campaign imagery accessible on a global scale, simultaneously, is bigger than you think.

Everything used to be about 2 campaigns per year; Fall / Winter & Spring / Summer campaigns and collections.

As the Dutch weather decided to change the seasons anyway, global brands knew it was outdated to create only two collections per year. It is about a continuous process, with ever-changing collections for ever-changing interests.


There you go; a non-stop demand for new campaign imagery that nobody really accounted for.

It’s about the entire process for campaigns varying between 2 to 300 (or more) per year: create it, design it, crop it, distribute it. sell it.

create it, design it, crop it, distribute it. sell it.

300 times a year.

And then we didn’t even tell you about the offline [retail] concepts fashion brands still do, even in a larger scale than ever before.


Meet the brands we work with

Marketing for Fashion labels

Offline Design – the untouchable part of marketing

It has never been so important to persuade people going to your physical store as it is now. Without the proper, unique concepts or activations, people just walk by. And you have seen what happens with empty stores.

Offline, remarkable concepts is something we have developed ourselves in throughout the years as well [take a look]. The creation of visual merchandise, instore activations and outdoor concepts are still meaningful and necessary parts of the marketing strategy.

True Connection is better in real life, right?

And for those who still like being touched of course…

So, why fashion?

It started off as a mutual interest, a mutual way of work and curiosity for detail and creativity.

But I think you can imagine it really keeps the crowd going…

Without a single break.

Any questions?



With Love,

Colourcake and the gang.