Our 5 Greatest Highlights of 2018 so far

Our 5 Greatest Highlights of 2018 so far

It’s officially almost 2019.

From now on, people will already ask you what you’re up to during New Year’s Eve. Or maybe January 1st.

I think I speak for the most of us this year is going faster than you want your age to go.

So, maybe looking back is the best medicine right now.

Colourcake has had its best year since we started (so far), so we wanted to update you with our 5 biggest highlights of the first 7 months of 2018.


1. From local to international partnerships

We keep on improving our services and skillsets.

Despite the fact that this probably is everyone’s sales pitch, luckily for us, this doesn’t go unnoticed.

We work together with big, small, medium and undefined size brands and we like every project with them.

It is with great pride then, that various clients have expressed their sincere trust in Colourcake, which means collaborations keep on expanding.

Still a bit of a sales pitch?

Ok, a little proof then.


Kardashians campaign made by Colourcake

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters reunite for a new CK Underwear campaign


Started from local banner production supplier, we now partnered up as European partner for both Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. Being responsible for the preparation and distribution of all E-Commerce campaign imagery. This pretty much means that we run marathons in Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro and Illustrator. Ask us one hotkey and we’ll know it 😉


Not impressed? Let’s do one more…


Where we started off as offline production supplier of Suitsupply, we are now also responsible for editing all new campaign imagery in the USA and Asia. We even went from local offline branding supplier to global partner, both offline and online.


2. More ingredients in the Cake 

Due to this cool new projects and clients, we hired 5 new people so far this year – and still counting.

Especially our creative designers needed the extra hands.

Our new cakies mainly focus on shaping new brand identities, build and design new websites and managing traffic for big online campaigns. Something the ‘old and experienced’ designers weren’t able to do alone anymore.

I must say old isn’t really the case, experienced then. And a bit older.

Another new superstar is doing something entirely new. As adventure seekers, we have asked Anne to investigate a new potential market for Colourcake to conquer. Looking quite promising already, we can’t tell you too much about it yet, but stay tuned for more…


3. Colourcake Social Club 

We thrive to be the best in everything we do.

We also experiment, learn new things and become experts in the relevant topics.

Last year we have been focusing on improving our expertise as social media content strategists. Our cakies have been working their creative hips off to master everything about what this subject contains.

Luckily hard work pays off.


Nahka Social calender made by Colourcake

This year alone we have been creating, managing and elaborating multiple social media campaigns for several clients, and with great success. Projects contain copy writing, food & fashion photography and social strategy planning.

Take a look on how what we do that.


4. Money well spent (finally)

We see quite a shift happening this year, where a lot of brands are able to spend mo’ money again on marketing projects.

Brands – including our clients – were down scaling the marketing budgets. Most of the projects had to be done in-house, which wasn’t the best news for upcoming agencies like ourselves.

Now that we are all rich again, brands get adventurous, pushy and out-in-the-open.

And that’s good news for upcoming agencies like ourselves.

We can finally act as the extension of the marketing and creative departments again, bringing brands to life. Because that’s what we do best.

Feels big that we are getting involved again in the strategy of brands, working side by side, as creative partners.


5. Content is the new big thing, and you know it 

Content is the new big thing

Our creative siblings™ 

Content is king.

And that doesn’t mean every content is worth the shot.

It’s important to determine a strategy to engage, in both brand-coherent videos and photography. Something we’ve written about before.

Gaining commitment from your audience is probably the most important thing because without your qualitative content nobody can really identify with your brand. Without this identification no real brand engagement is possible.

Now that content is more important than pricing, more and more brands approach us (or we approach them) if we can be of help.

And we can.

We are best in bringing your idea or brand to life. This may differ in both fashion or food photography or copy writing.


As long as we can create something that sticks.


With love,


Ps. you can always share your thoughts with us.