Amsterdam Fashion Week 2019: Ferry Schiffelers

Amsterdam Fashion Week Ferry Schiffelers

Amsterdam Fashion Week 2019: Ferry Schiffelers

We sent Sofie and Irthe to Amsterdam Fashion Week! They grabbed a couple of prime spots on the second row (the SROW?) for Ferry Schiffelers’ show, charmingly titled ‘Ladies who Lunch’.

Amsterdam has a lot of young, creative talent, and Ferry Schiffelers thoughtful, powerful designs really reflect this. Models dripping from head to hip in glittering tulle, or clad in futuristic-meets-80’s turtlenecks, his designs certainly stand out. 

Set against the ornate backdrop of Amsterdam’s Oude Kerk, each model takes a seat at a table laden with elaborate tableware and giant blooming flowers. It’s all very classical.

We also have to give a shout-out to the ethereal makeup created by MAC makeup artists. Glittering gold eyelids, pearly highlighter placed high on the cheekbones and softly waved hair lent a touch of magic to the show.

This is the second show by the twenty-six-year-old Dutch designer. His first, titled ‘Parade van de Mourning’ was a dramatic funeral parade of towering black tulle which won him the Lichting2018 award. 

This year, he’s branched out from his fascination with the macabre and embraced white and earthy brown and gold tones too. It’s certainly different from last year – gone are the all-ages models, for example. Equally fascinating, but maybe lacking a touch of the edge of his previous collection. Either way, we can’t shake the feeling that Ferry Schiffelers has more great designs up his sleeve.

Overall, a fantastic Amsterdam Fashion Week show from such a new designer, and this show is a great asset to the booming Dutch fashion industry. Read on to see our breakdown. We can’t wait to see what he does next.

Amsterdam Fashion Week Collage

Amsterdam Fashion Week 2019: Our review of Ferry Schiffelers Ladies who Lunch.

Look 1:

The show opens with a familiar silhouette: a black, form-fitting, head-covering (glittering), balloon sleeved turtle-neck.

Look 2: 

The next look takes a wild turn: a foaming, feather-light tulle baby-doll, also glittering, envelops the model, making her appear cloud-like, almost weightless.

Look 3:

This is the first time we’ve seen earth tones in Ferry Schiffelers’ collections, but here they are in the form of 80’s bike shorts, padded shoulders, a turtle neck, a tightly tailored waist, exaggerated, sculpted hips and a garish gold embellishment across the chest. 

Look 4: 

The little black dress with a bit of extra hustle and bustle – literally – with the addition of a bustle-like petticoated skirt at the back.

Look 5:

More floating white tulle, this time in a playful bell shape that completely envelops the body and brings to mind old-fashioned petticoats, reimagined for the 21st century.

Look 6:

One of the most striking looks of the collection, a gold, simply structured mini dress that positively drips with embellishments.

Look 7:

Now this is power-dressing taken to the extreme. Padded shoulders, another classic sheer turtleneck and impeccable white tailoring, topped with a huge silk bow that clings like wings to the shoulder.

Look 8:

Okay, the only way we can describe this look is “a chocolate praline on legs”. Ruched silk sleeves of absurd, almost Elizabethan proportions adorn a knitted bodysuit.

Look 9:

Ooh la la, there’s something of the Parisian chic about this look, and we think the sheer, beaded skirt is ready-to-wear (maybe for this year’s Sinterklaas party?).

Look 10:

Welcome to the grand finale of Schiffelers Amsterdam Fashion Week Show: The bridal look. An absurd, glorious, towering pyramid of white flowers that tumble down from the model’s head to her hips. We’re impressed. Maybe we’ll see Ferry on one of our social shoots in a couple of years! Watch the full show below 👇