Asset production in fashion and lifestyle

asset productionAssets in Fashion & Lifestyle

An asset may sound like something financial, maybe even criminal a little. Fact is; asset production in the fashion and lifestyle industry is a very common thing…

Let’s say you have started a brand where you sell fashionable sweaters. Your brand is growing rapidly and you see your sales channels expand, even internationally. Due to these increasing demand you need to think about how you will create, edit, design and distribute all of your content. Existing content needs to be changed because of your new collection of sweaters and all new campaign imagery needs to be accessible for your new sales channels. Before you get into this process, you also need to determine the kind of assets (content) you want to use.

So, what is asset production?

Simply said, asset production is making all campaign imagery accessible for all of your sales channels, worldwide. Assets, or content, come in different sizes and different types; banners, GIF’s, emails, AV (Video Editing) and adverts. Brands are sometimes mistaken about the time you need to put in creating, designing and adapting all campaign imagery, because you can’t just crop or resize the content.

Unfortunately images don’t work the way you want them to work. Imagine you were able to change your sweater header into a small square, which would be a perfect fit for your mobile web shop. Easy job, right? Well, what if we say you need to adjust the background, the product or products in the center, the models and sometimes even generate extra assets in it. You sort of unscramble the image in order to put it back, like a digital mechanic.

But that’s not the end of it…

asset productionThe digital distribution of assets

You or your designer have adjusted all images for the stores and channels you know. Most brands also have wholesale accounts on where they distribute the new campaign imagery. These wholesales have different rules and, of course, everyone needs to apply to those rules. To make it a little more complicated – these rules always differ from one another, which means you, from time to time, need to start all over again. Determine the kind of content you want them to show, adjust them to the relevant channel, throw your graphical magic over everything and you are good to go.

How can I manage my content the best way?

The flexibility in capacity is extremely important for asset production. Especially when working in fashion you need to deal with huge peaks in content with every collection that is launched. Designing and producing the various graphic expressions takes time, a lot of time. The best way to start is creating strict brand directives or guidelines. You can create one directive or produce several ones based on every big channel, like Zalando or Aboutyou. These things take time as well, but you will save this time in the end.

Despite these guidelines, graphic designers who work internally often find trouble to process the occasional peaks, so you might want to think about getting temporary help from somewhere…

Luckily we might know a guy who knows a guy who knows Colourcake 😉

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