Amsterdam fashion brands that are actually sustainable

Amsterdam fashion brands that are actually sustainable

These Amsterdam-based brands are ahead of the game and have created clothes or accessories that are honest and sustainable. And some of them are also vegan, cause, yes. It's possible.

Mar 10 6 minute read

After our article about vegan fashion and sustainability on Medium, it was time to find out how to obtain those fashion items that are honestly sustainable. Amsterdam, being a city that is ahead of others with a lot of things, is host to numerous brands that sell and make sustainable products.

After doing some searching, we found that there are lots of brands in our capital that do good things for the environment (a bonus: most of them are also vegan). Here’s a selection of brands that are leading the way:

1. Kings of Denim

This jeans brand is all about quality and design, as they started off working for other (luxury) jeans brands before deciding to create their own label. They are continuously improving their jeans to finally find the perfect combination of materials and craftsmanship. Besides these noble ideas, they initiated the “one world” project, which has the ultimate goal to eliminate all hazardous chemicals and processes from their production and make sure to have their supply chain as responsible as possible, by making sure to maintain fair wages and create ethical working circumstances.


2. Hemp Tailor

Hemp Tailor has created a product that’s made from hemp. So, while that might sound funny as hemp is also a product that can be smoked or used for medical purposes, it’s also great for the environment and animals when used as a fabric. Since hemp is a weed, it needs little water and no pesticides and the plant takes up little space. Since the owners of hemp tailor believe that improving the world is done step by step, they started by designing a coat that’s made entirely of this natural product

3. Noumenon

Noumenon fashion mainly focuses on making vegan fashion, produced as sustainably as possible, since their motto is: ‘Change the world, and look amazing while you do it.’ Their clothes are made from linen, organic cotton, cupro and Tencel, which is recycled woodpulp.  Besides creating ethically right clothing, they have a blog about everything vegan and sustainable. And they drive an electric BIRO. We like it.


4. Iris Maree

As an activist for animal rights, Iris Maree wanted to create a bag that was vegan yet stylish, since she loved both fashion and animals. A lot of research was being done in order to create the vegan bags, resulting in the elegant and cruelty-free items they sell. All products are produced by hand and locally with a sustainable policy in place.

5. Osier

Inspired by the districts of Amsterdam, Osier creates products that are also ethically produced. They do this by only using vegan, eco-conscious materials such as apple waste biomaterial. All of their products are manufactured in Europe to reduce CO2 emissions and their packaging is completely recyclable. Osier has a mission to disrupt the industry by creating transparent, timeless and sustainable bags. With their broad choice in bag styles, the osier products are meant to fit every outfit.

6. Unrecorded

This fashion brand designed for men makes sure to use 100% organic cotton for all their garments, so if necessary, all of their clothes can be recycled. Organic cotton also uses 70% less water, which is a very important part of their beliefs. Besides, there are no chemicals used and no pesticides as well to produce the cotton. They try to keep their prices low, by moving directly from production to sales. They make sure their clothes are of good quality and therefore test them before selling. 

7. Goat organic apparel

The collection of Goat started with the design of the perfect white t-shirt made from organic cotton. The founders (twins from the Netherlands) have created a t-shirt that was eventually €17,95 and ethically produced. Now, their collection has grown with tops, sweatshirts, pants and accessories. Their main values are built around the principles of people, planet and price as they think ethics are as important as sustainability and they want their products to be accessible when it comes to prices. Read more about their promises here.

8. Teym

Teym wants to create products that add up to “the perfect wardrobe” which currently consists  of 5 products and accessories. Each item takes a year to produce, and is based on four rules:

•  Putting quality and design first is the core of sustainability. Make a product last.
•  Slow and steady wins the race. One impeccable wardrobe, no overhyped collections.
•  A healthy work environment and fair wage for the people we work with are a must, not a plus. Made in Europe only.
•  Buying conscious doesn’t have to be expensive. No retail mark-ups, always a fair price.

They as well, leave out the middlemen in their supply chain, in order to keep prices low. 

9. Rhuuma

Besides creating environmentally friendly products, Rhuuma builds its collections around current issues in order to raise awareness for the environment. For example, they made a collection called obsolete trash, created to raise awareness for our polluted oceans, where they tackle sea trash. They consider each collection as a work of art, by collaborating with designers that care for the environment as well.

10. SKOT

By making shirts that are of high quality and made of sustainable fabrics, SKOT aims to create 100% sustainable shirts for men. To increase the number of recycles, SKOT offers its customers a 10% discount when returning a worn shirt. They believe transparency is the start to a more sustainable fashion industry, and they show this by including a product passport to each item they sell. 


What started as a concept store to showcase local art and products in 2012 has grown to be a well-known company with its own brand since 2018, with 7 locations and counting. Besides their clothing collections, the brand is soon to be expanding with accessories, home decor, stationery, art, and daily supplies. HUTSPOT aims to be as sustainable as possible and they choose their showcased brands consciously by the impact they want to make.

Bonus brand: Arch & Hook

What’s sustainable fashion if you can’t hang it up it in a fancy way? Arch & Hook has created clothing hangers for brands such as Harrods, Diesel and even hotel chain citizenM. Their hangers are a 100% sustainable, and they created three collections: BLUE (to contribute to cleaner oceans by using upcycled thermoplastic, ocean-bound plastic and post-consumer plastics); FSC (created from sustainably sourced woods, these hangers can be customised to fit a brand’s wishes); and lastly the Mission-E hangers which are long-lasting and high-grade recyclable. These hangers too, can be adjusted to the customer’s wishes and have a warranty of four years due to their durability.

So, if you are trying to shop more environmentally conscious, here’s where to go. 

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