How Great Hotel Branding Gives You an Edge Over Your Competitors

How Great Hotel Branding Gives You an Edge Over Your Competitors


Avoid the dreaded "just okay" stay and take your guests' experience to the next level with on-point branding.

Feb 25 4 minute read

Have you ever noticed that a lot of hotels have very similar branding? Sure, hotels are following trends and this can cause some similarities in styling and design. More than 3 new hotels are opening every day (looking at the past years), and there are so many dull hotel brands out there nowadays, the only difference we will have to face in the future might just be the price. 

Besides, plenty of hotels are run by the same chain, as big chains are buying more and more brands. 

One hotel chain that changed the industry upon its entrance, is citizenM. The name is inspired by its target market, the so-called mobile citizen. Their concept is simple: affordable luxury. Their goal was to disrupt the traditional hotel industry and they succeeded. Their branding is present everywhere and recognisable within the blink of an eye. 

Another hotel chain that’s cracked the code on hotel branding, is the Hoxton. Have you noticed that all their hotels look different yet similar? How they do it? Good branding. If you have a strong brand like the Hoxton, you’ll be sure people recognise and remember every hotel that you build.

All their locations have their own touch, so the hotel fits in with the surroundings. The Hoxton believes it’s important to work with the surroundings of a hotel, and their core value is built around the principle: everything you need, nothing you don’t. They also aim for their guests to have the perfect ‘local experience’ by doing this.

Named the number 1 hotel brand in the Travel + Leisure 2019 World’s best awards, Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas has proven its strong brand. They’re all about people and planet, as their main focus is on wellness and sustainability. Six Senses has implemented these values into all of their hotels and resorts, creating a very durable brand identity.

Besides this, they also created a hashtag encouraging their guests to post images that show an experience they had at Six Senses, which they considered ‘#OutOfTheOrdinary’. This creates engagement between the brand and its guests and shows the real experiences that people will have when visiting one of their hotels or resorts.

The next hotel on the list is different in size compared to the rest, but therefore not less brand-effective. Hotel Unplugged, located in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, has created a concept that relies mostly on technology, without losing the personal touch guests are looking for nowadays. Its brand identity shines through in all of its channels, creating a recognisable and memorable image. 

The main concept of Hotel Unplugged is to offer guests rapid check-in and check-outs, give them 24/7 concierge service and the opportunity to decide for yourself how much service you require. The hotel is designed for modern, metropolitan travellers, and this is shown in their values as well as their brand identity. 

The last hotel chain on the list certainly has a different view on things than most hotels. The Student Hotel is, as the name implies, designed for students. The owner wanted to create a living space for students that encourages to grow and learn due to its meeting spaces and hubs. 

The Student Hotel was not supposed to be a hotel for the open public in the first place, but the concept changed as the owner noticed that linking students and hotel guests resulted in very interesting connections and outcomes.

The hotel started with its first locations in The Netherlands, and has opened hotels in many countries ever since. Their brand identity is very strong and identifiable, with their colour scheme and modern style. 

So what do all of these hotels have in common? Recognizability, memorability and a strong concept in general. Making sure to stand out of the crowd as a hotel owner can mean the difference between durability and perishability of your brand. 

It might take some time to define your brand identity, but the efforts will definitely be worth your while!

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