citizenMovement x Colourcake

citizenMovement x Colourcake

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the extra mile we’d like to go for our clients, literally

You have unlocked our 3rd piece of Cake, your adventure to who Colourcake really is. This piece is our 3rd value, the way we work best with our clients, the Personal touch.

We started with Unique, then Rapid, so now it’s time for the Personal aspect of Colourcake.

Let’s get personal

We like to get personal with people and brands we work with. Our philosophy is the better you know the brand and the people behind it, the better you can be of added value.

In any case, informal contact works better when working together. That’s why we love to work with people, not for them. Input from both sides, so the output is relevant – also for the long run.

Our personal approach has already helped us build great relationships with clients like citizenM, Suitsupply and Nike. We work together on a daily basis, enough reason to help our clients out once in a while. Especially when we have a good deed to do 🙂

So, let us tell you what we did for citizenM.

Bike Colourcake, Bike!

One of our dearest Mobile Citizens in this world have set up their own charity to help people increase their mobility. They have teamed up with the World Bicycle Relief (WBR) to build and distribute unique designed bicycles. Specially for people who are challenged by distance to access education and healthcare.

They do this not by asking money, but doing something much easier.

Instead of having your room cleaned, you can use the citizenMovement hanger – produced by Colourcake – and citizenM donates the money you saved for them. The only thing you have to do is hang it up during your stay in one of the 12 hotels around the globe.

Pretty cool, right?

To help citizenM with this great initiative, Colourcake teamed up with Peoples Place Gym, where we took their road cycles for a spin. For every kilometer we biked, we donated €2,- to the Movement charity.

In the end Colourcake managed to donate €600,-. A small step, hopefully the first of many to come.

Team up

Colourcake always tries to search for memorable and long-lasting relationships, because that’s way more fun. We can’t imagine a collaboration without the creation of something special.

That’s the reason we value the Personal relationships with our clients so much.

For more information about the project, take a look on their website.

Want to get personally involved? You can always drop by or send us a message !