Suitsupply chooses Colourcake as Global Partner

Large format print Colourcake

Suitsupply has just opened up its 101st store. The store in Boston is the lucky number 100, Frankfurt is number 101. The new stores are opening up like crazy, but that’s not the only crazy thing.

Global Partner

All the 101 store appearances change twice a year due to the arrival of either the Fall/ Winter or the Spring/ Summer collection. New collections are shown on huge in-store blowups, sometimes as big as 12 meters wide.

The average amount of blowups per store is about 5-6 blowups. Multiply that by the amount of stores and you have yourself quite the project.

Colourcake will be responsible for the global switches, that consist of the creation, production, distribution and installation of all images and blowups for all stores around the world.

Large format prints

From Korea to Panama, and from Mexico to Sydney, Colourcake is responsible for every image you see in the store. We all know the impactful campaigns of Suitsupply, where a large number of media likes to write about. Our goal is that the global media is able to write about it at the same time.

This means we only have a certain amount of time to produce around 600 large format blowups. This timeframe also includes sampling, testing, colour management, and distribution.

Our local production plants work around the clock, seven days a week, to reach these challenging deadlines.

Fortunately we already have experience guiding former switches, but this will be the very first time we’ll be responsible for the entire world.

International reach

From our international experience we have formed a large network of manufacturers for all kinds of print productions. Not only do we have the global reach to produce these kind of large size productions, we also know what it takes to create and produce look books, POS material or fashion magazines anywhere in the world for competitive prices.

Besides Suitsupply, we have been working for brands like citizenM, Artyzen and Ace & Tate around the globe. Offering them customized solutions so they don’t have to worry about a thing.

Proposal Suitsupply | International production partner


Our global reach for Suitsupply. These are production plants specialized in large format prints, like blowups and store signage.

Signage for brands

Colourcake specializes in branding and signage of international fashion brands. We understand the challenge of working with international suppliers, guiding budgets, deadlines and distribution. Working together with clients to reach these challenges has become our passion, so we think being chosen as global supplier for Dutch brand Suitsupply is pretty damn cool.

As we like to say it,

Fashion never sleeps, so neither do we… 

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