Interview with Robert Chevalier | Co-founder Colourcake

Interview with Robert Chevalier | Co-founder Colourcake


Interview with the founder of Colourcake


Co-founder of Colourcake


As one of the two founding fathers of Colourcake, Robert is constantly working on the improvement and innovation of the company. He founded Colourcake with his partner in crime, Rogier, who is his close cousin and inspirational partner. Aside from his family back home, Robert treats the employees of Colourcake like they are his family too. Navigate them in uncertain times, offering meaningful guidance and giving people the space they need to flourish. Most importantly, Robert does everything from the positive approach. 

Let’s get to know one of the two masterminds of Colourcake. 

As co-founder are you still doing the same as what you did when you started Colourcake 6 years ago?

My part has become more strategic over the years, in combination with finance but always from a sales-driven perspective. I did not expect to do the finance-part as well, but I am very glad that I do. Though I am no longer involved in the day-to-day operations with every client, I am still trying to get as much engaged with projects as possible.

If you’d ask me if we are at a point I’d hoped for 6 years ago, I would definitely say yes. I get to work with young and ambitious people who are confident in helping Colourcake grow, day in, day out.

What have been major events or partnerships that made Colourcake exceptionally grow during the past 6 years?

For Colourcake Digital, I think the win of the Tommy Hilfiger EMEA banner campaigns in 2013, in combination with the management of their CMS were major events. Finding the right projects with relevant clients gives companies such as Colourcake the opportunity to grow and invest in a bright future and bright people. Years later, we also created a strong partnership with Nike, which gave us the opportunity to specialize even more.

As for the Colourcake offline branding department, collaborations with Suitsupply and citizenM have always been of great meaning, among many others.

Especially the combination of offering both offline and online marketing solutions has helped Colourcake being the company it is today.

The main focus of Colourcake has always been Fashion & Lifestyle, how come?

There were 3 things we identified..

  1. The shift from Retail to E-com created a huge demand for digital content and therefor marketing support
  2. These segments require the Colourcake basics… Being Rapid, Unique and Personal
  3. Brands like to work with a company (people) who understand their market, brand and organization


Rogier, myself and the people at Colourcake understand the fashion and lifestyle [and hospitality] industry. We don’t see it as work, but as part of our way of living. A more driven creative partner is difficult to find if you’d ask me 🙂

Colourcake is sometimes compared to advertisement agencies, something you strongly disagree with. What differs Colourcake from these companies?

Advertising Agencies create campaigns, based on market research for clients who need guidance and creativity in selling their products to consumers. Colourcake works with clients who need marketing support. Our clients decide in what manner they like to communicate with their clients. We support them, once their idea needs to come alive, in doing their visual merchandise (print), Creative & Graphic Design, Social Campaigns, Asset crops and CMS management.

We create the branding of companies, the visualization of brands, as the extension of marketing departments.

Do you expect brands will invest more in outsourcing marketing activities coming years? 

I truly believe that outsouring will become more important. I’ve dealt with outsourcing activities since 2011 and back then, in Europe, brands were averse of outsourcing. Now, brands find it more difficult to hire the right people, being able to upscale and downscale when needed and find companies that give competitive prices for these services. Colourcake’s success is based on these specifics.

Offering digital and offline services, do you expect to fully focus on only Digital solutions one day?

Our growth in digital activities in 2018 made us decide to invest heavily in becoming a serious international digital agency the upcoming 3 years.

Currently, we are:

  1. In the process of adding a Digital Guru to our board
  2. Investing in an IT platform, called the Colourcake Exchange Server
  3. Investing in our creative and strategic people
  4. Adding photography to our main services
  5. Building an organization based on digital expertise, with a solid market approach


Print is still very important for Colourcake. We are currently managing global print requirements for Suitsupply, CitizenM, Moët & Chandon and many more. Rogier and myself are still crazy in love with paper, but not just in quantity productions, more the quality productions.

We will probably be the only ones left in 5 years 🙂

Suitsupply_Print_CampaignGlobal Visual Retail Campaign for Suitsupply led by Colourcake

Which trends do you expect Colourcake will benefit from most coming year?

The biggest trend is the enormous request for Content.

Brands will need to be even more agile with their sales of collections. We work with clients who are doing more than 100 campaigns per year, which was just 40 the year before. The demand for marketing support (content creation, social campaigns and graphic Design) by companies with specific niches will grow immensely the upcoming years.

Colourcake will lead the way.

Where will Colourcake be in 6 years?

Colourcake Digital will be an IT driven company, with tailor made solutions for specific industries. These solutions will be based on creative & graphic design, social campaigns and Banner Ads/campaigns.

Colourcake Print will still be a team of print experts doing local & global print productions and working for specific industries who still understand that print is essential in their marketing mix. We will even be doing better than we are doing right now.


As Robert is the family-man of Colourcake, below his second family, the family of Colourcake…


The creative team of Colourcake
Robert in his natural habitat 
Want to know more about the stuff at Colourcake? Drop Robert a line with whenever you’d like…
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