making choices in print

It is all about making choices…

The exciting time has come upon us, for businesses and people – not only in Europe but all over the world. Holland is entering the elections and it’s now the crucial time, where a specific choice is imperative to your future. I will not enter the political discussions, but I will refer to it within my daily business and how the big changes will affect how I deal with marketing decisions.

Marketing covers a broad diversity of activities, but a clear difference is starting to come up…companies will need to make a choice how they will deal with their marketing content. From strategy / development to production…The main issues in this choice are the availability of talented people, the management of these people and the cost involved.

This weekend, Karin Swerink (Editor of Vogue NL,) and I, came up with an exciting statement about the use of print in Het Parool. She believes print is essential for Vogue, and being creative with print is fundamental… She believes magazines will become more exclusive, so you will not want to throw them away, but collect and appreciate them. News items / trend pages will all go to Vogue Online. The next question will be how you manage this, because besides creativity, the cost is just as important. She will need real experts on this matter.

I suggest companies take a good look at how you deal with these changes…do you do this internally or externally. If you hire the experts internally, will you be able to give the team variety and challenges. If you want to do this via outsourcing. Try to find the right partner who can make your dreams / plans come true..

Another essential reason why choices need to be made is cost. Content is growing daily and you want content to be shared on a daily base. Check the costs for managing this internally via experts & experienced creatives & production people and are you able to manage the peaks via your team. Upscaling and downscaling your workforce is essential in these days.

Overall, my choice has been to find the right partners in meeting client demands for the right cost..A process that took almost 4 years and new marketing management are now starting to make real choices in using outsourcing as a real solid solution. I bet Karin Swerink is doing the same thing and is in the process of making new choices.

Hopefully, in normal life we have learned and we will make right choices on the 15 th of march.


Regards, Robert Chevalier