Piece of Cake: Unique

Piece of Cake: Unique

Follow our blog coming weeks to get to know Colourcake; what makes us ‘Us’ and how do we do what we do? This week, you have unlocked the first piece; our Unique branding process. We have developed a process where you can finally work with only 1 agency in your branding process, which saves you time, money and stress.

Colourcake’s branding process model

Brands are increasingly struggling with the wide range of suppliers who offer their help during the marketing process. Some brands have different suppliers for every step of the cycle, from concept development, to content management and print production.

External agencies don’t necessarily mean an increase in efficiency, they regularly even do the opposite.

That’s why Colourcake works the entire chain of branding, which means minimum delay and maximum efficiency.

The steps of branding

Colourcake identifies the following steps in the branding process:

  • Concept development
  • Content management
  • Grapic Design / DTP
  • Online & offline distribution


It could be a long road from the creation of your product to the offline and online distribution to your target audience, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Our process model is designed to create your brand and visualize it to your demand. We strive to work as a temporary, creative team to walk you through all the way, every step of the way.

Co-create your branding campaign

You stay in charge of your campaign, we just do what we do best; bringing your killer idea or product to live. Each step we take is either with or without, depending on your preferences, all in addition to successfully brand your company.

Based on your style and briefing our Creative Cakies team up and work out different creative ideas. We always try to offer you at least 2 creative concepts that are in direct line with your briefing. To challenge you as a client, but especially as a creative team member, we also offer one concept that is ‘outside-your-imagination’.

After your choice of concept we focus on how we get it to life. Our specialties lie mainly in the production and execution of photoshoots and film days, just like we did for Dstrezzed.

Graphic Design & DTP

The desired expressions of your campaign always need some extra magic to it. Assignments often vary from Photoshop, banner & email campaigns, desktop publishing (DTP) to the creation of GIF’s. Things that are really important in this process; remain unique, stay consistent in the different expressions and stay close to the brand.

But, most importantly, let the expressions tell the story of the brand. If selling is your main priority, then try to make people desire your product instantly. Discover what we do more as graphic agency.

Online & offline distribution of your campaign imagery

We manage the online and the offline distribution of your new campaign imagery. Offline campaigns consist of the production of material such as magazines, newspapers or showcards. We also manage direct marketing campaigns all over Europe. Brands like Bestseller and Jack & Jones often approach us for the distribution of their door to door material. Larger scale projects, like we do for Suitsupply, consist of the production and distribution of new instore blowups.

Online distribution of imagery often consists of banner and advertorial campaigns, brand directives or email campaigns.

The possibilities are enormous. Not only do we distribute your imagery over your preferred online channels, we also design branded websites. Take a look on the website of one of our clients No Man’s Land to see our collaboration.

So, what makes us unique?

Because we know the difficulties when working with multiple agencies, we offer you to save time and stress. Where time is probably one of the most valuable assets, it’s also pretty cool to just work on your brand instead of aligning with all different agencies.

So, you can focus on your brand while we take care of the rest. Drop us a line or visit us in the Amsterdam Houthavens to discover what we can do together.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the Piece of Cake blog !