BESTSELLER is an international, family-owned fashion company with a strong foundation. With a range of more than 20 individual fashion brands, BESTSELLER provides fashion clothing and accessories for bot­h women, men, teenagers and children.

BESTSELLER brands and products are available online, in about 2,700 branded chain stores, 15,000 multi-brand and in department stores across Europe, The Middle East, North America, Latin America, Australia and India. BESTSELLER Fashion Group China is an independent company designing its own collections for more than 8,000 stores in China.


For a special event, Bestseller asked us to create the ultimate Summer invite. And what’s more summer-ish than ice cream? Before we started designing, we created a cutting die to get the perfect shape. By thinking about strawberry and pistachio flavors and colours, we got inspired and started the graphic design process. But hey, what’s a ice cream without sprinkles? Aren’t they great? They don’t add extra flavor, but they to add some extra coolness.

Graphic Design, Print