“The unbreakable bond of the brotherhood”

A couple of months ago, Dstrezzed asked us to support them with the production of this year’s advertisement strategy. Inspired by the hardworking gentlemen of the 1950’s era, Dstrezzed is convinced the bond between the modern brotherhood remains strong under any circumstances. That special relationship is exactly what they want the world to see; the strengths of the brotherhood despite possible differences. This is also visible in their three different labels; Dandy Blue, Dapper Chic and Casual Cool.


Colourcake helped with the creative concept and the photography for the new campaign. Dstrezzed wanted to visualize “The brotherhood” with typical images and recognizable situations for men.


Our objective was to make three different impressions, of which all are dedicated to the ‘no matter what’ campaign. This is how we make concepts come to life.


Creative concept development
Based on the briefing, our creatives teamed up to establish multiple concepts. We present multiple concepts as different or deep as possible to learn more about possible unaware preferences of the client. From our experience briefings do not always mean everything is said or said well enough – especially when a client gives you a creative freedom.



Styleguide and Photography
We look into every possibility to make sure all touch points are mutually agreed on. We work towards one concept which we optimize and customize. In the meantime, the chosen concept slowly takes its ground while working towards the photoshoot. We’ have chosen a raw industrial location with male models who represented Dstrezzed as good as possible.

Our house photographer and dear friend Liselore Chevalier then takes the stage to find those perfect shots.



Image editing / choice of visual
It’s always a kick to see what you’ve created after a long day on the set. The editing of the images is the finalization of the campaign. Together with the brand managers we carefully select the perfect images. Looking at result, we feel the brotherhood shivering through our spine – even if you’re from the opposite sex.


Keep an eye out for the JFK, Esquire and Quote this year, because you can find our work there…



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