Our Family, #MyCalvins – that was quite an impact


Online and offline visibility is key when a brand decides to promote its new collection, especially when they decide to work together with a worldwide celebrity. In case of Calvin Klein, they decided to use an entire family.


The impact of this campaign was enormous. So, the question is, how does Calvin Klein meet the global demand for assets and images?


Colourcake works closely together with the e-commerce department of Calvin Klein to ensure all images are distributed simultaneously and in the same way all over Europe, Middle-East & Africa. Each online partner, like Colourcake, has its own conditions. Colourcake is responsible for more than 60 different sales channels in Europe alone, so there is a huge demand for campaign material. Colourcake has developed a structure of teams working in Amsterdam and in Manilla, Philippines, to guarantee images and videos are distributed within 3 – 8 hours, day and night.


This method helps brands like Calvin Klein to meet the demand for assets within the smallest timeframe. Our work consists of graphic design, video editing and asset production, or as we like to call it; content management and creation.




Calvin Klein has been working together with some of the greatest artists to promote its new collections. Artists like Calvin Harris, Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber have been previous popstar faces, where Justin’s role led to 1 million likes in one day for the campaign in 2016. In their new campaign, Calvin Klein decided to work together with the Kardashian-Jenner family, under the name OURFAMILY.


The exposure of this campaign, which led to ‘the talk of the town, in every town, worldwide’, is enormous. From huge billboards to the take-over of social media and from worldwide press to webstores. Despite the amount of free and paid publicity, this is a gigantic challenge, internally. Such a campaign requires an enormous amount of manpower to assure everything goes live at the same moment, the same way.


That’s where Colourcake comes in…






Graphic Design