LOVE Stories

Print Production

Who they are: 

Love Stories is fashion brand which is a combination of high quality underwear and swimwear products blended with an affordable price. Love Stories appeals to women who are looking for comfortable lingerie that can be styled and worn with ease, diminishing the time-consuming complications of trying hundreds of styles on in pursuit of discovering the perfect garment. Love Stories is sold in shops alongside other fashion brands where clientele can also purchase a skirt or a new jumper, creating and completing an entire outfit. As a result, underwear enhances and extends the rest of your wardrobe. “Underwear becomes outerwear” at Love Stories, where striking pieces can also be seen and shown off along with the rest of your outfit.



What we do:


Colourcake takes care of the production of the bi-seasonal print materials such as the lookbooks, fashion event invites, press kits, collection books, newspapers, window stickering and other instore point of sale materials. These items come to live via co-creation. Co-creation? Yes, as besides the actual production, we are also involved in the concept-phase in which we decided what kind of special materials and production techniques we will use.