Penn&Ink New York

Who they are: 

We stumbled across the name Penn&Ink in Brooklyn, New York. This was the brand under which Maureen J. Penn and Stanley Ink collaborated in the ‘60s.
The brand had a short run and no one knows what happened to the duo. Nothing was heard until Penn&Ink New York was born again, with the current owners Mark and Felice as its proud parents.
The name fits perfectly with what they envision with their label. The American sense of
basics in clothing, fashion that is both relaxed and comfortable, yet cosmopolitan.


What we do:

For Penn&Ink we produce a wide range of lookbooks; Joy “ The Muse”, Penn&Ink Limited, the general catalogues and new, the eyewear lookbooks. Furthermore, we produce their point of sale materials. At peak moments we assist their marketing team by cropping images and filling their webshop.