Is Print Media entering an Ice Age? Not so fast!

Is Print Media entering an Ice Age? Not so fast!

Is Print Media entering an Ice Age? Not so fast!

Sure thing, many of you think that with today’s revolution of the Internet and sensational boost of social media, print marketing is fading away. Don’t rush with such conclusions! Yes, online marketing is cost effective, convenient and powerful tool. Can’t agree more. However, for those of you who gave up on the traditional way of advertising, namely printing -you are dead wrong! This article is the proof that the print channel could never work for brands’ advantage as good as right now.

Print marketing is new again and is experiencing a rebirth, says Loe Pulizzi, founder at Content Marketing Institute. In fact, it saw a new potential in the promotion area that might never have developed without the rapid surge of digital media.

Since more and more brands are now competing for customers’ attention solely online, it has become harder to stand out. However, those businesses that choose to turn to print publications can actually gain a competitors advantage by reaching a niche audience.

Research by JWT shows that despite the increasing popularity of digitization, over 50% of millennials consider print materials an important factor of their lives. They prefer printed pieces as it allows them to establish a tangible connection and feel the depth of perceived information. A study revealed that people read digital information on the screen 20-30% slower and less attentive than printed materials. Not persuasive enough? Wait until you read the following statistics:

  • 68% of retailers said that print is critical for their marketing strategy, when only 8% said that digital is (Nielsen Media Research)
  • 73% of customers said they prefer print marketing (International Communication Research)
  • 56% of customers trust print more than any other advertising method (AllBusiness Networks)
  • 70% of Americans said they consider direct mailing advertising more personal than online advertising (AllBusiness Networks)
  • Average reader of branded magazines spends 20 to 25 minutes reading it, while with a web page one hopes to catch the reader’s attention for at least 2 minutes (CMO by Adobe)
  • 1$ spent on direct mailing brings $12,57 in sales (DMA study)
  • Almost half of people who receive print materials will keep it for the future references (Print Materials Statistics)

The list with facts and impressive statistics can go on. However, one thing is for sure – print media is here to stay! In fact, it is far more effective than it seems to be. And if you chose to rely only on the mainstream channel mix like Twitter, Facebook, Google Adwords etc. you are definitely missing out. Online and offline must team up and work together for achieving greater results.

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Rogier Cammaert, Managing Director Colourcake Marketing Support