Brand Identity

Is your brand in the midst of an identity crisis? Start-ups, scale-ups and established brands alike can struggle to internally define what makes their brand… well, them.

We harness our creative power to bring you a variety of different services to help you clarify and translate your brand into a narrative that everyone can understand.

  • Brand books
  • Visual identity
  • Verbal identity
  • Brand narratives
  • Social media playbooks
  • Brand strategy

How do we do it?

On the visual side, our Creative Producers will work with you to develop a selection of mood boards and create a powerful visual identity and set of accompanying guidelines.

On the verbal side, our copywriters will help you hunt down the perfect words to define your tone of voice guidelines and verbal identity, and we’ll tie both visual and verbal elements together to create the perfect brand book, and often a social media playbook too.

Our resident marketing specialists can also offer strategic positioning and marketing advice to help you launch or reposition your brand.

Combined, these elements will form a brand strategy that will be your north star, guiding you safely through the murky waters of brand building.