Social Shoots are Here. This is Your Invitation.

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Social Shoots are Here. This is Your Invitation.

Our Social Shoots are designed to solve the relentless demand for brands to deliver fresh, new, shiny content twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This is how we do it.

Getting enough content for your brand’s social channels is nothing short of a nightmare. But why bother keeping up with the demand in the first place?

But why should you bother keeping up with demand?

Because, with 60% of Instagram users discovering new products through the platform and over a third of them using their mobile to make purchases, social media is rapidly becoming the biggest weapon in your marketing arsenal.

So, you need top-quality photos. And videos. GIFs, Instagram stories, banners… basically content for every touchpoint or channel you have. 

And you need to come up with a new concept. And book a location, a fashion model, a photographer, a makeup artist, a hairdresser, accommodation and transport. And spend months battling with your finance department to get a pretty big budget approval. (Despite the number of smiley faces you put in your emails, they still don’t seem to like you very much.)

It’s not exactly practical, is it? That’s why we came up with a solution. 

Rapid Social Shoots.

Social Shoots are glossy, high-quality, rapid photoshoots with great models and expert photographers in exotic locations like Ibiza and Marrakesh, and an on-site creative production team to deliver your content within 24 hours.

Sounds complicated. How does it all work?

We take care of everything. And we do mean everything. A package deal for a fixed (and affordable) fee. 

From the 14th to 25th October, Colourcake is going to be in Ibiza with a selection of high-end models, a seasoned fashion photographer, a videographer, a well-known stylist, a makeup artist and a hairdresser. We’ve already booked the shoot location and the accommodation. We’re even going to cover transportation costs.

Every day, we’ll create a new Social Shoot from scratch. A new brand. A new moodboard. A new model. 

The next day we’ll start all over again for the next brand. A completely unique aesthetic and feel.

The only thing we’ll repeat is the easy-breezy production process.

What will Colourcake deliver?

It depends on the needs of the brand. But each Social Shoot will generate over 50 top-quality images or videos, tailored to your exact requirements by our on-site creative production team. And all delivered within 24 hours. Looking for something specific? Just ask.

What does the Social Shoot process look like?

Step 1: Book in a chat with us. We’ll go through your specific requirements and let you know if we think the Social Shoot is a good fit for you.

Step 2: Sit down with us and our photographer. Tell us what you want and how you want it done.

Step 3: Once we’ve got the go-ahead from both sides, you’ll sit down with our creative team to create a moodboard. This is where we’ll craft a unique story for the photoshoot that captures the essence of your brand.

Step 4: We arrange everything for the shoot itself. All you need to do is turn up.

Step 5: Within 24 hours, you’ll have over 50 images and/or videos that you can start using straight away. Now that’s a quick turnaround time.


We know you’re excited to find out more about our Social Shoots. So drop Irthe a message here or at irthe@colourcake.com and she’ll talk you through the plan in more detail to help you establish if a Social Shoot is right for you.