The Colourcake Consul #4

The Colourcake Consul #4

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Interview Paul Meijster | Colourcake

Paul Meijster

Business Development Manager @ Colourcake


Paul has a track record in successfully approaching new clients as business development manager at Colourcake. He works closely together with clients such as Tommy Hilfiger, Nike and Calvin Klein. His main focus is new business, but that doesn’t stop him from spending a lot of time in the well-being and growth of Colourcake. Paul is partly responsible for the expansion of Colourcake Digital, making this division an even more professional and efficient environment. Creating new opportunities is probably what defines him, and he is definitely the best guy to join you for a culinary boat trip.


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You started working for Colourcake three years ago, back when Colourcake was still developing itself on many areas. What was it like back then?

It feels like a long time ago, much has changed in the meantime. When I started working for Colourcake we were still working at the Spaces office at the Malieveld in The Hague. It was a cool working environment with a unique entrepreneurial atmosphere. Colourcake claimed it’s “own” round table in the corner of the building. The round table was a great symbol for the Colourcake organization at that time. Although the service we provided was much focused around print production we already started to work as part of brands’ marketing teams.

What have been the most notable changes in both the company as for yourself as employee / BD manager?

An important milestone was the opening of our first office in Amsterdam. Moving from The Hague to Amsterdam provided the opportunity to grow our own environment, the vibrant yet cozy ‘living room’ at the Danzigerkade. However the most notable change has been the start of a strong partnership with Nike and PVH. It gave us the opportunity to grow our internal design team and crafting new services like content creation and graphic design.

Have you noticed certain shifts in needs of new clients you’ve been approaching?

For sure! When I started at Colourcake, storytelling was already an important trend for brands to connect to their customers. However in the last years this has evolved quickly to personalization. The approach of brands nowadays is really focussed on the individual consumer. This means that only executing a summer and winter campaign is no longer sufficient. A consumer wants to be connected with a brand all year long. To serve the needs of the individual consumer, far more content needs be created and distributed over the growing amount of channels and countries. That is where Colourcake steps in. 

Colourcake in Emerce Magazine

Colourcake in Emerce Magazine 2016

In what area or areas do you think Colourcake has developed itself the most?

I am most proud about the development of our own design team. Besides that the team has grown to five designers in Amsterdam and many more in Manilla, the development is best reflected in maturity of the service. We are now able to support from the creation of a brand identity, the development of a campaign shoot or the production of digital brand sites. Moreover we are able to scale to any extent, from concept development for small labels to global campaigns for the well-known brands.  We understand the needs of the brands we support and we can help them create the best version of their branded campaigns.

Your challenge is to further develop Colourcake Digital, what are the biggest challenges exploring this direction?

We all know that brands get smarter every day. The brands nowadays have a tremendous amount of data collected from their audience and technology enables them to make a good judgement about their needs. However, still a great amount generic and irrelevant brand communication is thrown at us. The more advanced these analytical tools get, the higher the audience’s expectations for genuine, helpful, personalized content will be. It is for this reason the most important challenge for Colourcake to help brands translate the available data into relevant content to serve the needs of the individual consumer in the coming years. Content needs to be produced within a very short time span. It needs to be personal, and it needs to be unique.

An important success factor will therefore be the speed of our service. Think of a photoshoot or creating a small video clip, it often takes weeks to produce. In the near future it needs to be created within days, or even faster!

Do you think the demand for assets is going to grow even more the coming years?

No doubt!! There will be so many different channels to attract and retain the audience. Think of retail, wholesale and any other digital and social platform. It all needs to be constantly filled with fresh and relevant content to enhance consumer behavior. 

But even the best content is useless if no one sees it. The content distribution will be a vital component in the success of the campaign. Brands need to get creative and enthusiastic about getting their content in front of the right people. To drive an active distribution of content we are currently investing in the development of the Colourcake Asset Exchange. This tool will need to accelerate the delivery of content, simultaneously on all distribution channels. It will give brands the control of the growing amount of marketing assets.

Is asset production the main focus of Colourcake, or what will other areas of development be?

As brands have a good understanding of their audience they will need a strong partner who can help them translate the available data into relevant content. The main focus for Colourcake will remain the same in the near future, to create, produce and deliver relevant content. Asset production will be part of this, but so is photography and video. And although I am working on the digital side of Colourcake I also see the growing demand for print. A strong synergy between digital and print will give brands the ability to stand out.

Hospitality is a new industry Colourcake is focusing on, what do you think are the greatest chances?

Currently we are already working for six hotel chains but I am thrilled that the hospitality industry is becoming part of our focus. As a graduate of Hotelschool The Hague and as I am still spending a great amount of my personal time in bars and restaurants, I have developed a great interest in the industry. It is highly competitive, with a very strong focus on details and concept. I cannot think of an industry which is so dependent on the reviews of it’s guests. With our experience in the Fashion and Lifestyle industry, we know how to build brands.

Helping brands to tell their story, with the right set of content will be crucial, also for the Hospitality industry.

For sure that I will volunteer when market research needs to be conducted…

Paul has shown he can run triathlons and isn’t afraid to do the same for Colourcake. You can always drop him a line or feel free to visit our living room at the Danzigerkade in Amsterdam.

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