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Print Manager @ Colourcake

Our own in-house football maniac, music expert and paper God, Florian ‘Flo’ Stoelman. The man with inexhaustible energy who writes everything down he has to do in a day, including getting a coffee once in a while and eat lunch at 11:59. Flo is the first one who started at Colourcake so he has seen quite the transformation. At Colourcake, Flo is responsible for all offline branding, which means he helps brands finding the most creative solutions with the best material for the finest machines. Everything to achieve the ultimate brand experience.

Flo is also the only who listens to hardstyle while focussing.

Let’s start the ultimate-Flo-Experience. 


You were the first one working for Colourcake, can you tell us about that time?

That was quite something, we were working from Spaces in The Hague where we always sat on the ‘Colourcake round table’. It didn’t matter to us that Spaces is all about flex working, that table was our office and people knew it. We hided our admin behind the curtains, the invoices under the rug and our printing machine behind the piano, and it worked. This was both funny and inspiring, as I was part of setting up a startup.

So it didn’t mean you had to do all the work and they were controlling every step you’d take?

Haha, no certainly not. We were (are) a close team, we talked everything through and stood still where that would help us grow or not. At that time, we had to focus on building relationships with existing clients and focussing on getting a relationship with new clients all the time. Everything so we could grow, and it was amazing that I’ve been part of that.

Furthermore, I was the young guy who could tell them everything about new trends and of course help them figuring out how to send emails 😉

So, what have you been doing at Colourcake for the past 3,5 years?

Pursuing paper with a passion 🙂

I started doing everything, from the design of websites to photoshop to print projects. After I found the excitement in print projects I dedicated myself to this specialization. I didn’t know about the immense possibilities and differences between, what it seemed, the same material and paper. That really fascinated me.

The past 2,5 years was about improving myself in advising primarily fashion brands in their offline expressions, like look books, magazines and in-store merchandise.

You think print will always be important for brands?

Well, yes, definitely. How often do you want to touch something, read it through and stimulate your senses? It’s all about creating that ultimate brand experience and offline branding is important to get people committed to your brand. We have a lot of clients coming over to our office to look, touch and to get inspired by everything we’ve done for other clients. It’s the extension of every brand and needs, at least, the same attention as online branding.

Do you notice any trends in use of materials now?

Trends differ per brand, background and details you want your audience to see.

I see a lot of brands using uncoated and structured paper for look books and collection magazines. The smooth paper makes the books look a bit more mysterious, which really gives an extra dimension to the pictures and collection. Furthermore, brands also spend a great time on the finishing of covers, like foil or copper.

On the other hand, when brands are looking for instore merchandise, like show cards or pictures, they often use coated paper so that the photos really stand out.

It really depends on what you are trying to show to the world.

Now that the team has been fifteenfolded, you feel like you were the one responsible?

No, I really don’t see it that way, it has been a team effort ever since. Paul started after me and we were with the four of us for over a year. Then things exploded, and that’s a good thing. I enjoy working with this team where everyone has his or her own strength.

Looking forward to the next fifteenfold…

Rock, Paper, Scissors?


You really listen to happy hardcore when you need to focus?

Music is really important to me, so it depends on my mood. By listening to music, I can lose a great part of my emotions or I get a punch of adrenaline. When I am searching for inspiration for new projects I usually listen to techno or hardstyle. The energy I get from that makes it possible for me to work 4 hours straight, without paying any attention to others. Disadvantage of this is that when people need me, they need to cross over the entire office to get my attention.

Luckily our office isn’t too big. And luckily people don’t need my advice too often 😉

So music & print, any other passions?


Ok… thanks for that one. As we always finish with a fixed column based on the interview, what would be yours?

I always wanted someone to design my own cover album, which never released unfortunately, but that would be lit. I already have the names of my songs.

Something like this?


Drop Flo a line if you have any questions, or if you want to discuss your favorite material.

And don’t forget to keep an eye out to the Colourcake Consul coming months, where we introduce all of our Creative Cakies.

With Love,