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Traffic Manager @ Colourcake 


Zamora, or Sammy as we like to call her, has been working at Colourcake since 2 months. She started her adventure as junior traffic manager, which means she is mainly responsible for ‘traffic’ between Nike and Colourcake. She is in charge of the design of new Nike campaigns and she’s eating deadlines like it’s nothing. When Sammy is not busy guiding all traffic, she works her butt off in crossfit or enjoying her Spanish classes (which she will need a bit more to be honest). One of her greatest strengths is she never complains or is in a bad mood. Crazy, right?

Sammy is still on the lookout for that special guy, but she already is our special team member.

So, let’s get to know Sammy a little bit better.


Fast facts:

Zamora Rachelle Vink | 25 years | Media Fanatic | Contagious laugh | Travelholic


If you would have the power to change the name ‘Zamora’, what would it be and why?

I would never change it. My name is original and one of a kind in The Netherlands (at least, I like to think so). Funny thing is when somebody says Zamora, it’s actually always about me. Nobody ever met someone who is called Zamora, neither did I… My friend from Spain thinks it’s quite strange my name is Zamora because there is also a little village in Spain called Zamora. For her it’s the same as calling your child Madrid haha!

Haha! You’ve been with Colourcake since 2 months now, was this the job you’d always dreamed of and was it hard to find?

Well it wasn’t that difficult to find. It was harder for myself to find out what I really wanted. I already knew I wanted to quit my old job after graduation, so I really took my time to search for vacancies and figure out what kind of job I really wanted. Once I saw this vacancy online, I knew this was the kind of job for me. Leading and organizing campaigns, together with a lot of contact with clients are strong motivators for me. Besides that I also knew that I wanted to work in fashion, so if you look at it that way I think this is the kind of job I dreamt of.

For people who don’t understand the role ‘Traffic Manager’, can you explain what your day looks like on a typical, let’s say, Wednesday?

I start with a delicious oat milk cappuccino. After this, I check the latest updates regarding the Nike campaigns I am working on. I convert this new input into a Creative Directive or continue working in Asset Production. I also fly in a number of meetings in between, I dance around with colleagues on the happy music that is always on and I drink another coffee. Or three. Sometimes four.

Wednesday night I make sure I have some “me time”. I always make sure there is one evening during the week I have some quality time for myself, doing some girly stuff like my nails or a facial haha. Have to treat yourself once in a while right ;).

And when I’m not doing any of the above I’m having dinner with my father. I always pick out a restaurant somewhere in Amsterdam.

Destroy relationships or don’t reach necessary deadlines?

Don’t reach necessary deadlines. I believe that you can achieve so much more with a good relationship.

You say you are a “Travelholic”, we can guess what it is, but have you been away thát much?

Well I wish I would have been away even more. I have lived in Curacao, Denmark and Buenos Aires for a few months and these experiences where the best. Met a lot of people and saw a lot of places. For holidays I always make sure I’m going to special countries/places. Like road tripping in Iceland or island hopping at the Azores. But still.. So much places to go to. My list is still very long…

Where will the next adventure take you ?

Ever since I’ve been to Buenos Aires I fell in love with the language… and the country of course ;). My next adventure unfortunately won’t take me to a Spanish speaking country because I’m going to Curacao in October for 11 days. Ever since I lived and worked at Curacao (because of my internship) I wanted to go back. This will be the first time again after 6 years so that’s quite exciting.

Let’s see how “mi dushi Isla” looks like now!

If you weren’t as good in managing traffic like you do now, what would’ve been your ‘Secret Guilty Pleasure Job

First thing that popped in my head is a job in Spain. Just a warm country where they talk Spanish. But as I said before I do love to travel so my secret guilty job has to involve a lot of traveling… So I guess I choose being a flight attendant!

Where does your never-ending good mood comes from?

I don’t really have a secret, I think I’m just lucky I can leave from home every morning and feel happy. Maybe it’s also because I work in such a great team with such great people haha!

Ok, let’s challenge you then.

We always finish [you are the first in line] with a fixed column after an interview. This week we would like to finish with things you dislike, as we have never heard you complain about anything.

Thank you for telling us you do have things that irritate you 😉

‘The Sammy-Complain-Wall”


Things we like thing we hate


Drop Sammy a line if you have any questions, or if you just need a positive vibe during your day 😉

And don’t forget to keep an eye out to the Colourcake Consul coming months, where we introduce all of our Creative Cakies.

With Love,