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Mizuno Sportstyle

With 100 years of innovative expertise in the sporting world, Mizuno was ready to create a distinctive identity for its Sportstyle segment.

Brand identity

Visual identity


3D store design

Mizuno Sportstyle, the sub-brand of heritage sports brand Mizuno, developed relatively later compared with other sporting brands in the sneaker scene. But we didn’t see this as a hindrance. On the contrary: we saw this to be a unique angle for the Japanese brand. Keeping their Japanese heritage was very important; we wanted to create a distinctive enough identity from Mizuno but still cohesive to its roots. A brand which values innovation and tradition above all else, here to create value for a community of unique souls who “run their own race” and emit a humble self-confidence. We strategically developed a new brand personality, from defining the foundations, to writing their story, to building out personas and a tone of voice. The visual identity combined their elevated sportstyle aesthetic with both nature and urban influences. Movement and mystery was key to come across through all visuals.