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Pink Gellac

Making nail-care a playground for self-expression and self-confidence


Brand personality

Visual identity

Content strategy

Content creation


Asset adaptations

With over ten years in the nail-care game, Pink Gellac felt they’d lost the connection between their values and their desired audiences, so needed guidance to get back on track. Our collaboration with Pink Gellac gave them a full re-branding in order to create consistency and recognisability, while also elevating them to a more premium position in the market. Rather than just offering products, they wanted to become known as an experience focussed brand and add layers of depth in their identity to create connections. Bold, confident and empowering; the values we carved out for Pink Gellac and used as the foundations in building the brand personality and visual identity. Defining clear values as well as a distinctive tone of voice and clarity on personnas, allowed for more connection to the purpose, vision, mission of the brand and created foundations on which the identity could come through in new visuals.