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The Avocado Show

Content good enough to eat…


Creative design

Content creation

A cult icon originally from Amsterdam, The Avocado Show is all about ‘Pretty Healthy Food’. Making food that is stunning to look at, delicious to taste and with sustainably sourced avocados as the star of every dish, of course. They reached out to us to create a concept and content to introduce a new element of their restaurant business. The brief? Change the perception of their much loved avocado as ‘just’ a breakfast/lunch item, and to give it centre stage on the dinner menu too. ‘The Dinner Campaign’ gave a new layer of personality to TAS’s already well-established brand. The campaign used the idea of ‘switching’ perceptions of the avocado to also ‘switching’ the mood from day-to-night, and presenting the new dinner menu of the restaurant. The campaign will be implemented at all TAS locations, as well as online and offline campaigns.