the problem

Nike’s creative and media agencies are focused on creating huge, high-level creative advertising campaigns.

They don’t have the capacity to cope with high-volume touchpoint content creation requests and extremely short turnaround times.

They needed to be able to quickly and efficiently translate hero campaigns across multiple digital touchpoints.

the colourcake solution

We sent our creative producers to work in-house at Nike HQ, to learn and experience the brand as part of the team.

Now, we act as the creative production partner of the Nike digital brand team in the EMEA market.

We amplify Nike’s hero campaigns through the production of motion graphics and other advanced digital productions, along with with the day-to-day content of social posts, static and interactive banners, AV editing, GIF production, email newsletter designs, and much more.

We’re experts at consistently producing high-quality creative digital assets with extremely short turnaround times. 

the result

Every time Nike has a production request, they come to us. Acting as a scalable extension of their digital team, our ongoing flexibility and rapid service mean Nike’s campaigns are perfectly adapted to the EMEA market, prepared for a wide variety of digital touchpoints, always in sync and always delivered on time.