Scotch & Soda

the problem

Scotch & Soda, one of the Netherlands most famous international fashion brands. Founded in 1985, their clothing is stocked in over 8,000 stores globally.

Keeping a strong brand consistent across multiple international digital channels is a challenge. For each new Scotch & Soda campaign, many cohesive assets need to be created, to keep every touchpoint in-sync and on-brand.

the colourcake solution

We work with many different teams within Scotch & Soda, providing graphic design, HTML design and development services at a huge production scale with speedy turnaround times.

the result

For Scotch & Soda, the benefits are pretty good. We’re a flexible workforce, able to snap into action and deliver high-quality digital development and production over a short period of time. This is especially useful for Scotch & Soda during the busy sale seasons, where driving high conversions is key.