the problem

Starting from one store in the Dutch city of Tilburg in 1999, Suitsupply has now grown worldwide, with over 125 stores internationally.

To create their supersized blowups, they needed to find and maintain relationships with large-format, high-quality print specialists in four different continents that can produce blowups that are consistent in material, colour and saturation. 

These blowups also need to be installed in 125 different global locations. Within one month.

the colourcake solution

Colourcake has carefully hand-picked a global selection of trusted factories, from Mexico to Hong Kong. This means that, within 5 weeks, we can produce, ship and install blowups in 125 global stores.

As Suitsupply’s sole global supplier, we constantly need to keep an eye on innovation, efficiency and global coverage. We’re always trying to shorten the distance from factory to store. And we’re very Dutch in our insistence on high-quality work.

Thanks to our long-established relationship with Suitsupply, we understand the importance of detail, the necessity of global quality control and consistency and the importance of delivering top-quality results, every time.

the result

Colourcake has halved the project turnaround time, even with Suitsupply opening 15 stores since we became the global supplier. We’ve set up a highly-efficient global network of factories, logistic partners and retail installers to reach every store as fast as possible, from South Korea to Helsinki.

We bring Suitsupply’s powerful imagery to the world.